Massage Parlors

Massage Parlors

Massage therapy has long been considered as one of the most effective natural remedies available. Millions of people from around the world have been considering it as massage has a lot of benefits to offer, not to mention the relief for pain and tension. Well, with the ever growing interest in massage, it’s no wonder that hundreds of massage parlors are now operating worldwide.

Now, if you are looking for massage parlors in your location, try to note first some of the facts associated with massage parlors. Note in the first place that massage parlors are places where a number of ladies work at the same time. Almost all of them offer massage services nominally for walk in and casual customers. There are also some parlors that offer advance appointments for those who wish to have it.

Who Run the Business?

Massage parlors are usually run by people known as “receptionists”. The receptionist, for some reasons, can be considered as the most important person in the parlor as he or she is the one who runs the place. Well, most of the receptionists in massage parlors are women, although they may well be a man.

So when you happen to visit a massage parlor in your area, approach the receptionist if you have questions or concerns. However, that depends on your concern as most of the receptionists will allow you to discuss with their masseuse first when you get there. If that happens, just follow her or his advice.

What Happens Before the Massage?

Many of the available massage parlors offer sauna baths and a communal changing room for their guests. Aside from these, most have lounge and of course, private massage rooms where the actual massage procedures take place. Well, massage parlors with saunas typically have communal changing rooms and showers. With these facilities, it is expected from a parlor to provide towels, a locker key and sometimes a bag to put your valuables in. So, when you’re in and you are given a bag for your personal things, make sure that you place your wallet in it as after the actual massage, you will have to tip the masseuse. Note that tipping the masseuse seems like a sort of routine in massage parlors.

Massage parlors sometimes offer a communal lounge. In this area, you will meet the girls. You may also be offered a drink or a newspaper to read. However, there are some instances that you will get the chance to open a conversation with the ladies, especially when the lounge happens to be small. But with large lounges, chances are you can talk with the ladies in the parlor before making your decision on whether to take or not to take the massage. If you decided to go for the service, the receptionist will then take her role in introducing you to the available masseuse who will do the job for you.

The Payment

Most of the massage parlors charge an entry fee, which they usually call as “door money”. Well, in Great Britain, the typical door money range from £10 to £25 and this fee is typically paid at the reception area before you go in. There are also some instances that massage parlors charge additional costs for the entrance. This may cover the cost of the room and the use of the available facilities. And, as expected, the cost of the room depends largely on the type of the room and the length of time you’ve spent.